This means it tracks slightly differently from the MX , but the difference is subtle and quite easy to get used to. The and can be used by a lefty in a pinch, but they’ve got a thumb groove and two buttons on the left side, and there’s no way to hold them comfortably in your left hand. Does it perform like a champ? So I’m in the dark about what, if anything, the megapixel number means. Thanks to a greatly improved optical system, the MX , and the whole line of that matter, performs better than the Dual Optical, despite the single eye system. The MX and are possibly the sleekest mouses ever made, because their main buttons are seamless. Aus PC Market don’t sell the MX-series mice, mouses or meeses any more, but their mouse lineup of course includes all of Logitech’s current products, including the G5 , which replaces the MX

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If a cordless mouse appeals to you for other reasons, though – for controlling your lounge-room or business-presentation PC from across the room, for instance, or just because you hate cables – then the MX isn’t a budget priced option, but it’s a sleek, stylish, well-made one that works well, given the abovementioned MouseWare limitations. Without MouseWare, the two buttons next to the wheel each do the same thing as a wheel-click in the appropriate direction, except you can hold them down to repeat the click.

As for resolution, the engine offers dpi, which means you’re fine with any size monitor.

Logitech MX – mouse – PS/2, USB Overview – CNET

It costs more, yes, but you can’t have everything. Any lag would ,x300 the usefulness of the function, but the quick switch works immediately and without fail.


The reason why I’d use an MXthough, isn’t its rechargeability; there are other rechargeable cordless mouses out there, and heck, there’s nothing stopping you using an outboard charger and a muse of sets of NiMH cells, if you don’t want to swap in new alkalines every few months.

But graphics nuts probably want a tablet, not any kind of mouse, and everyone else really can get along just fine with the resolution of logitefh old mouse. It should be comfortable for people with a wide range of hand sizes.

The only real addition is the quick switch button behind the scroll wheel.

This isn’t technologically moise that incredible – regular mouses have plastic button hinges, after all – but it does look very cool indeed. But the basic idea’s the same, and an original-generation all-surface optical mouse is likely to be quite good enough for most users.

All four of the primary buttons, and the clickable wheel, feel great.

I’ve grown used to Logitech’s new stiffer scroll wheel, but mc300 prefer the freer rotating wheel on this mouse. Macintosh users, who’ve always had high sample rate mouses, suffer fits of revulsion if confronted with slow PC mouses. The basic MX mouse is the only one that’s useable by left handed people. Which, if any, is right for you?

Logitech MX 300, MX 500 and MX 700 mouses

So there you go. Does it perform like a champ? If you’re a gamer who’s been waiting for a cordless mouse that won’t mouae you, the MX is that mouse.

Well, gamers who don’t mind its not inconsiderable weight, anyway. The MX wheel has a lighter, thinner spoked feel that seems a bit faster.


Muose using graphics programs often do pixel-by-pixel work – but unless you’re some kind of freak, you do it with the magnification turned up. If you want to tie extra functions to any or all of the buttons, MouseWare will do it for you, and probably mess up your games. They are, according to me, quite nice.

Logitech MX Review – IGN

You can see the cursor skipping across the screen. Office apps don’t need mouse resolution greatly smaller than the size of the smallest thing you’ll be aiming at – probably a text character. In fact, I can only recommend the MX to southpaws for this reason.

There’s another little weight, too. Well, it didn’t for me. It did for me. That’s about as bad as a serial mouse, and serial mouses are bad. This new function allows you to quickly cycle through open apps. It’s Hz Hertz, samples per second. Quick-switch takes up more screen space than the regular Alt-Tab interface, which allows it to show you full window titles, but it’s not exactly a must-have feature.

The original Microsoft “IntelliEye” mouses or mice, or meeces, as you please; I call ’em mousesand you ain’t gonna stop me came out in Run MouseWare by itself without using the abovementioned Tweak UI workaround and there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to use any recent Logitech mouse’s extra buttons, or even its scroll wheel, in games.