Document Server Chapter 8 Document Server Copy quality on this machine is not ideal for images, at a basic resolution of x dots per inch. Selecting Original Orientation Original orientation can be set in two ways: Component Locations – Rear Duplexer This allows you to make copies of both sides of an original. Sample Printing Sample Printing If you print multiple sets using the Sort function, you can check if the print order or the print settings are correct by printing out only the first set using the Sample Copy key. Reinstall the Staple Cartridge. Page 32 Document Feeder Set your originals and make your copy selections.

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Enter the horizontal size of the original using the keypad. To adjust the paper size to one not available with the paper size selector: Document Server The Document Server enables you to save documents in the machine memory and then edit and print them as required.

Lanier 5635 Consumables

Touch the Centering key. Press Resume to scan and copy remaining originals. Finisher Finisher Finisher On the inside of the front cover of the Finisher, are pictorial instructions for: Touch the key to select the chapter number.


Lsnier Chapter Overview Definitions for the most often used terms are listed here.

Lanier 5635 Operator’s Manual

Be the first to review this product [click]. This is useful for avoiding shadows on the copy image caused by the bound originals, such as books. Finisher Finisher On the inside of the front cover of the Finisher, are pictorial instructions for: Set your originals, then press the Start key. Stamp Superimpose You can select whether page numbers are printed negative when they overlap black parts of the image. The Lanier offers print speeds of 35 pages per minute for legal sized paper and up to 45 pages per minute for letter size.

The following are the five stamp modes available. Finisher Take out the empty refill in the arrow direction. Troubleshooting Cover in this section are basic troubleshooting for problems you may incurr and thier solutions.

Stamp Stamp Problem The stamp position is not correct. Touch the stamp number from 1- 4 that you want to program. Internal Tray Copies are delivered to this tray. kanier

Lanier Toner Cartridges

Page Remove the empty refill in the direction of the arrow. Shuts down your copier while maintaining a low voltage to maintain information in your copiers memory. Deleting Saved Documents You should delete any of the saved documents using the control panel of the machine.


Take out all staples slid from the car-tridge.

Touch the 1-Sided key for original, then touch the Combine 2 Side key for your copy. Press the Delete key to delete it. The Lanier is an affordable option for the small office that currently lacks copy abilities.

The use of unauthorized supplies may cause damage to the copier. Copier Functions Chapter 3 Copier Functions Touch the stamp number you wish to delete Your copies exit into the Finisher Proof Tray top bin of the Finisher.

Index Terms Index Terms Numerics 1 sided 16 pages to combine 2 side copy- ing 1 sided 2 pages to combine 1 side copy- ing 1 sided 4 pages to combine 1 side copy- ing 1 sided 4 pages to combine 2 side copy- ing 1 sided 8 pages to combine 1 side copy- ing A shadow appears on copies if you use pasted originals. Paper capacity 1, sheets 20 lb.

Using the keypad, enter the number of copies you desire.