Press the key, and select function “k” with the key. The measurement value display becomes zero. Page 41 1 Before Use 4 Install the display panel fixing case along the groove on the controller. The screen changes to the statistical data display. Display Panel Two protrusions Display panel fixing case optional 2 Fix the display panel with the panel attachment ring, and connect the cm display cable optional. Setting content Setting value Display Point 1 Original input value 1

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Tell us what’s missing. This section describes the Program No.

Increase of internal temperature may cause failure. Press the key to return to the measurement state. Otherwise, injury to the human body eyes and skin may result.

KEYENCE Lk-gd LKGD Laser Displacement Sensor Controller | eBay

Note To create the control program, confirm the response command from the LK-G Series before sending the next command. RSC This chapter describes how to connect external devices and the communication functions for external operation.

Releases the holding when the measurement value is reset.

Precautions for Wiring Part of the circuits between the inputs and output are internal common. The function of each measurement mode is as follows. Replacement of the cover glass is keyende. Page 5 RSC Command details This section describes the details of the incoming commands and the response commands that are sent when the incoming commands are properly processed.



Page 3 Function Settings List of Default Values and Setting Ranges The function settings default at the time of shipment and the settable ranges are as follows. Press the key to return to the mea- surement state. Note Insulated mounting is recommended when using the head under the positive grounding environment.

The addition of head A and B is selected in the function. Be sure that the person who will finally operate this product receives this lk-dg500. Measurement mode mode G: Read this manual carefully to ensure the optimum performance and full function of the LK-G Series before use. For changing the OUT No.

The measurement value display becomes zero. Checking content Is the number of times for averaging properly set? If dirt persists, wipe the glass surface gently using a soft cloth moistened with alcohol.

Tell us about it. Press the key, and select function “[” with the key.

LK-GD – Separate type Display panel | LK-G series | KEYENCE UK & Ireland

Refer to “Binary output” page for details of binary output. Refer to page A-6 for details. The setting items are displayed during setting. Page 80 3 Function Settings Stabilizing the Measurement by Filtering The following three types of function can be set for the filter.


Output form Function d-0 nor al Normal Outputs according to the tolerance comparator. Up to statistical data can be acquired. Page 91 3 Function Settings Setting the Unit and the Minimum Display Unit The display unit and the minimum display unit can be selected from the following six types of units.

Is the power cable properly connected? When the kyence value is set, it keyyence be displayed when the auto-zero is performed.

The data to be used for the statistical computation is the one held in each measurement mode. Page 18 List of Functions and Function Nos.