Therefore, I think the source of the name is clear: Additionally, this Trackball is cross-platform compatible. I would have given it a 5 stars but the wheel has a slight rough turn and feels like sticking so I bumped it down to a 4. I, for example, set the top-right button to primary click so I could hit it with my strong middle finger and avoid wearing out my thumb on the default bottom-left click setting. The scroll wheel also feels very rough, plastic on plastic binding. Plus, the trackball is easier on my hands and wrist than a traditional mouse.

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Diamond Eye Optical Technology Optical sensors provide users with trafkball maximum amount of control over their cursor. I’ve been waiting a long time for a new trackball from Logitech.

It works, and I like it better than a regular mouse, but I sure wish it had the same feel of quality as the one I used at work. The only problem is the scroll ring sometimes goes more than a page even with a small movement. I started to get carpal tunnel syndrome early in my career and a total switch to ergo products has completely eliminated any pain or discomfort despite decades of crazy hours behind screens. The Kensington Expert Mouse trackball used in this review.

Trackballs are often recommended as an kensinngton alternative for mouse sufferers. See any errors on this page? People switch to trackballs for a lot of reasons. Hands-On with the PiServer tool. Please keep your prices low and service high they trzckball they are now, and you can’t go wrong. This jumbo sized ball is a large part of what makes the Expert Mouse worth its considerable price tag.


So this means in the example command I gave above, I assigned function 8, “Back”, to button 2, and function 9, “Forward” to button 8.

So the first parameter after the equal sign assigns to button 1, the second to button 2 kensongton so on. I will still recommend, but with noted issues Here’s an example of how to configure and use it.

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Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball Review – All Things Ergonomic

To initiate Bluetooth pairing, you switch to Bluetooth mode duhand then press and hold all four buttons simultaneously. You can also map these combinations to different system actions and commands, such as starting a frequently-used program or minimizing all windows. Hi, I’m Kealoha, an American kenslngton. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball Review

I honestly prefer the ring on this new trackball. Hands-on with the Pi-Desktop kit. There are a lot of great features: Kensington Let’s start this by getting the name out of the way.


Kensington has a Department of Silly Names. If it were possible to turn it over and use it as a mouse, I might understand the name don’t laugh, I already own a Kensington Slimblade Trackball Mouse which can be used as either a mouse or trackball. I hope you too kendington in a bit of ergo into your lives. For further details see delivery estimates in cart.

Hands-On: Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball

Plus, the trackball is easier on my hands and wrist than a traditional mouse. This is, of course, very much YMMV. When the trackball is used on Windows or Mac OS X, there is a Kensington Trackball Works utility to kensinhton the button operations and the scroll ring function. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from works well for users with hand tremors I experrt the mouse for my grandfather who struggles with hand tremors.

Maybe it will break in after a while With its low profile and tight construction, the Orbit is perfect for portable situations and not half bad for primary desktop use, by the way.