Can you imagine living next door to such a big headed, chest thumping fella? Sign in now to continue. These are fairly inexpensive especially when purchased new on eBay. The card package contained a short cable so short I had to leave the camera besides the PC case and a CD with Ulead software. I don’t need to flaunt as you obviously love to do. Thanks for the entertainment er My advice was and is in the most simple terms, “get the right tool for the job”.

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And he who gets the last laugh, laughs best. You need a 6 pin to 4 pin DV cable. What works for one person may not work for another person.

To learn more about proxy bids, click here. I don’t care if it is 9 years old or years old. Marks, Scratches, and Scuffs Testing Results: Posted on Saturday, December 04, – And choice is often dictated by pocketbook for most of us, even if it isn’t for tr.

But the pictures have so bad quality it doesn’t worth losing your time on it. Posted on Monday, August 14, – I have talked with Dell Support and that was wasted time.


JVC GR-DU mini dv to pci really need some help –

Nothing like using a 9 year old OS. Nothing extra to yr, configure, puzzle over Just throw money at it. Comes ready to use out of the box. You two might come to blows.

JVC GR-D370U mini dv to pc…..i really need some help

Besides, I already told him to go buzz off. Alexander A Eclar New member Username: No wonder you have a big head – you have tenure! There’s nothing elite about a home computer.

Being a Prof is a strike against you, bud! And I can do whatever I want to my video, produce original music, write books about know-it-all professor’s and jvf video geeks, or whatever else I want to do, just as well on my machine as you can on yours.

I come at this question with 30 plus years experience as a video professional and college instructor. I have a jvc-sx40,now i can see my family video on my iPod.

JVC GR-DU Battery Replacement

No advice, opinions or information, whether oral or written, obtained from D370y or through the website or services shall create any warranty. The Chip or processor simply “processes” the data fed to it by the operating system as in Windows or Unix or Mac OS and the software that is exposed to the internet Outlook, Explorer etc is the “line of defense” that is full of holes on the windows platform.


It is the best method.

Have a question about this item? I don’t have to use my brain power figuring simple things like capturing video. People like you do a disservice to others.

Or if you want to preserve an old VCR movie that can’t be obtained in a newer format. It won’t care that your a Prof or have 30 years video experience. Sign in now to continue.

So, you have an iMac, eh?

You can read about it here: Posted on Thursday, May 24, –