I’m surprised no one in this thread that was dual booting compared registry settings between the two OSs for ha-has. Friday, March 16, 9: I have a replacement system on the way from Dell. Hi all These are the answers I got from Asus and Intel regarding this issue: This wan’t a fluke either, because I reinstalled Vista again and had the same issues for another week. Tuesday, February 20, 9: Looks like we are all pretty much scr..

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Apparently all of the settings get reset to factory default when you load a new BIOS. Intalling Vista on either one works, but with same result, ich7,r 3 restarts files corrupted.

Have you tried to cloned image from IDE mode and recovery it with raid mode like we have mention b4? Wednesday, December 27, 7: Given the number raod different drives and motherboards people are experiencing problems with in this thread the only common denominator is the Intel RAID.

Unfortunately, the issue you are experiencing appears to be related to your motherboard. Is Intel aware of this problem. After the Windows installer loads files for a few seconds the white bar crosses the screenthen the green ‘Cylon Eye’ appears, the hard drive LED comes on solid and nothing further happens.


How did you install Vista in the first place? Saturday, March 17, 5: I have not yet tried out the new firmware. Or at least I thought. There are no driver updates coming up that we know of.

This would signal some kind of driver issue. Not worth sharing my method because of 1 and 2 above.

I just received a beta bios update from Asus support for my P5B Deluxe board, but it doesn’t fix the raid problem: I’m hoping the issue will be as simple as a driver upgrade as I really don’t wanna have to get involed with Dell’s non Technical Support. However, I have not been able to get nearly as far as I did before.

Saturday, March 10, 2: By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Then load latest Intel Matrix Manager 6.

Monday, March 5, 5: Like I said even with a bit of overclocking Jmicron also getting timeouts on my brandnew seagate.

kern/102211: [ata] detach raid member and reboot will cause panic (ICH7)

They have nearly always ich7md before, why not now? Finally I was ably to reactivate the last harddisk in the intel storage manager and after a few hours of rebuilding, the raid was online again. Saturday, March 3, 6: Thursday, March och7mr, 2: I am sure I am missing something fundamental here, but would appreciate being told what!


Errors came every 2 minutes, to the second, when I was using the computer, and otherwise every 7 minutes of 15 minutes when the computer was idle.

Windows 7 installer not able to find SATA RAID device driver – Windows 7 Help Forums

The following operating systems are not supported: Have you tried it? Io ho messo un MAC casuale, secondo te dovrei rimettere l’originale? Monday, February 5, 1: After reading your post, it makes sense that it may ichh7mr something to do with an update MS rolled out, so I’m going to try to install an older version of XP without the latest patches and see how that goes.

I tried their solution by deleting those kch7mr keys, and it works!!! Sunday, April 1, 1: