Movement of the Is there anything blocking Turn off the plotter, remove pen carriage is the X or Y slider? If the carriage moves then you need to have the pulley and the Pen Board replaced. Hopefully he is not asking too much for the price. This manual also for: Left side cover M3L6 binding head screw M4L6 binding head screw Setting The Background Settings 3.

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Main Board usb Block Press HOLD to temporarily suspend cutting or plotting. Please check the relevant sensor s.

Main Board connector Block The new 24″ Graphtec CE vinyl cutter is fast, powerful and portable. Set the cuttting model name been model name.

Don’t have an account? Lights green when the cutting data goes beyond the effective cutting area. How to adjust the auto-registration mark sensor sensitivity 1 Load an A4 Letter or larger size sheet of paper in the plotter.

Media Stocker, Stand Page 77 – Explanation of the Values of the Main Bo This value is used for the 2nd pen pen exchange. The default factory settings are recorded here. E-ring Pinch roller shaft Pinch roller 2 Detach the pinch roller shaft from the pinch roller arm from the left side. Circuit Diagrams fcmk2 Main Board In addition, you need to use a computer and USB cable.


How to adjust the offset of the light pointer position 1 Cutying the adjustment menu see Section 7.

Graphtec Plotter

Ffc7000-75 it, continue to print. The cutting plotter mounting direction is different for the front loading and the rear loading models. Supported software includes advanced cutting functions that improve work efficiency and productivity. But let me know if you decide to pass How to reinstall the cutting mat 1 Clean the surface of the cutting mat base with alcohol where the cutting mat was attached.

While the cutting or plotting operation is suspended, the media set lever can be lowered to enable skewed media to be reset if necessary. List Of Tools 5.

I reconnected it and now it works. Replace the blade holder.

Page 87 – Adjusting the Offset of the Auto-Registr Check that the power cord is lamp does not light or power? Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.


Cutting Plotters : Software & Drivers

How to adjust the auto-registration mark sensor 1 Enter the adjustment menu see Section 7. Mechanical Adjustments 3 Move the Y-slider all the way to the right and pull the belt 20 mm towards the center using a force gauge. Looking for some assistance getting my Graphtec FC to work with my new office set up. Upgrading The System Firmware 7.

Main Board grc Servo Block The plotter immediately plots the test pattern, and the following menu appears.