When I view status on the WHS console it tells me that remote connection is available, but the health warning remains. Everything works great, until the network dies. If a security alert dialog box for an HP MediaSmart Server application or the Windows Home Server is displayed by the firewall, click Unblock or Allow to permit the application to execute. Let me say that the blind install instructions could never get me running, found out that for some reason the USB LAN Adapter was showing with a Code 10 error. If you have been on this site a while you know I am very active assisting forum members with various server related issues. That turns out to be categorically untrue. Any suggestions will be very welcome….

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Thank you for taking time to put together this post.

This thread, while not exactly the same as your situation is pretty close and might have some useful information for isolating and solving the issue. Oh yeah, I am not quite sure, if I would go with another HP product though.

As I said previously, a Google search shows that this is a common problem. After you copy the SMI Files then go back to computer management and simply renable the HP Mediasmart Service and then reboot your computer and things will operate normally again. This page requires Javascript.

If my blinking lights on the back are a indicator that my lan port is bad let me know — that would be the easiest for me to fix at the moment. If ex4700 would like to add video to your server you can purchase a debug cable from VOV Technologies.


HP MediaSmart EX470 (GG795AA) Server

I recently had a lightning strike near my house that took out my router and the NIC port on my EX Previous topic Next topic. There is an installation utility on the supplied disk that you can run to correctly install the drivers in the event say something went wrong with the original installation.

That turns out to be categorically untrue. Thanks again for all your help! I’ve pasted in my notes on the process below in case ex740 helps anyone else making the transition. The SMI Area contains WinPE which is used to boot the server and place it in its recovery mode then the recovery software run from a PC would see it and start doing its recovery process. A BIG thank you to Ex4700 for his offer. Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute.

More worrying is that the HP support folks seem content to just ignore the errors.

You helped me get my server back up and running a few months ago when my on board NIC died…. Help would be appreciated. None of the port lights on the Acer works.

This just made me realize what needed to be done. I realized I had to blind! While the Blind Installation does work there are times when certain prompts show up causing issues with the installation.


I am trying to determine if the sys drive failed or if the lan port is bad. This is an indication that netwprk server has completed its boot process.

Recalling An HP MediaSmart Server To Active Duty – Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat

Connect one end of the Ethernet cable that came with the server to the switch and the other end to the HP MediaSmart Server. Repeat this process until you’re fully comfortable with the process of blindly booting into the BIOS and safely saving and exiting. These files are vital for performing a server recovery. I bought a used unit to use as temporary, will now sell it. You can connect the hard drives in the server to any computer and read the drives.

Except that two of the MediaSmart hard drive slots were not working. Also they are important in that if something should happen to them then there is no easy way to perform an HP Server Recovery. These would be the 32 bit drivers for like Win 2K or XP.

You’ll also need a USB keyboard.