The best feature is the battery life. Improved promptness of the turn review page. Improve selection of the names of cross roads with NT maps. Improve robustness when recovering from a partial map load. The screenshots below are just examples, the actual appearance may vary from the pages shown below depending on the current settings. Excellent working and Physical condition Other Venture Cx features color, sunlight-readable display makes it easy to distinguish map details — plus, it looks fantastic.

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This program compresses the data to allow for a faster download of the needed files. A program window will appear asking you where to “Un-zip” the files. Correct disorderly waypoint data index in previous version. Fix incorrect highlight index at unit field in ‘Area Calculation’ page after select reset in menu.

Improved drawing of lines for MPC maps. Add selectable alarms for proximity waypoints and custom POI.

Garmin/eTrex Venture Cx

Garmin eTrex Venture HC. Add feature to save active track log to file on data card. Add ability to put unit into USB mass storage mode via the interface setup page to facilitate copying track files from data card to PC. Click on the button labeled “Un-zip”. Travelled trip distance Current speed Moving time For each data field, venturs can choose from 34 different values. Improve labeling and scanning of custom POI on the map page. Fixed issue where invalid find menu options could show when using the Auto Order feature.


Garmin eTrex Venture CX Handheld

Current speed Distance to next turn Estimated arrival time at final destination Estimated remaining travel time to next turn Compass ring with bearing to next turn For each data field, you can choose from 34 different values. Skip to main content. You may configure the main pages through options. Change number of lines of text in the address field on map feature review page from 4 to 6. etrsx

Updated daylight saving time dates. Navigational information are available for the following countries: The compass direction from a position to a destination measured to the nearest degree; also called an azimuth.

Improved promptness of the turn review page. Enable the Quit button function on the geocache compass page. Additional Product Features Resolutions. No memory card is included. The extremely sensitive antenna provides navigation information outdoors, in a car, in a train or even in an airplane see MapSource examples. Reduced variation in battery gauge indicator. The screenshots below are etrrex examples, the actual appearance may vary from the pages shown below depending on the current settings.


Fixed problem of shutdown when viewing map Topo Great Britain v2. Installation Instructions It is recommended that venturre disable screen savers or other programs running on your PC while you go through the update process.

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The glide ratio required to descend from your current position and elevation to the destination’s elevation. Disable the calculation message when GPS is off. Add capability to see vertical profile of an autoroute using DEM topo data. You may also like.

TRAMsoft – GARMIN eTrex Venture Cx (english)

Improve reset function of timer lap distance. Fix potential shutdown when propagating in a cul-de-sac across a map boundary. Fix issue where ETA in non motor vehicle modes can be unreasonably short.