The map moved on the screen as the car was driven, but instead of the color raster graphics display of today’s systems it had a green vector display. Same if I rented in Indianapolis and drove to Champaign Il.!! And once this happens, the system is unlikely to correct itself, your only way will be to manually set position, which most people will not do. Cheese, Silicon Valley Startup: Where would they get the map data, and moreover, how would their device store it and quickly access it once they had it? You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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How Etak Paved the Way to Personal Navigation

This system was developed for automated vehicle guidance and control applications. So they tested various materials for cassette shells to see what could tolerate the heat. Along for the race was Stan Honey, an etakk and seasoned yachtsman signed on as navigator. Since aid from satellites was out of the question, the computer would have to gpe on sensors to keep track of the world around it.

Born in Pasadena, California, inStan Honey was immersed in sailing culture from an early age.

TomTom Road Trips

Storing the data on the tapes turned out to be a major challenge, and a breakthrough in storage technology. Etak stopped making its ggps hardware and focused more on digital mapping technology with its Etak Maps and EtakGuide products. I don’t know if there is any research into what the structural differences of brains that suffer from this might be, let alone if there is a name for it.


But neither was it a dead end. Arizhel on Feb 28, I’ve spent the large majority of my life without a smartphone too. Garmin had been expected to counterbid once again: The original Etak units always had the map oriented with north at the top. Ah yes, the Polynesian stick charts: It could provide optimal routes to commercial places as well, and that interested Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

There’s a motor driving a spinning disk, which warps slightly when the unit is turned, and sensors to detect the warp. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – ftak in a new window or tab. Never heard of these, awesome stuff.

The task faced by Honey and his team was formidable. When it’s constantly shifting the map orientation around, it seems it’s too confusing to extract “big picture” knowledge.

A little side note Stan Honey is also the person who spearheaded the virtual ‘yellow line’ visible on every NFL game. To appreciate just how amazing the concept of car navigation was inyou need to recall that the Global Positioning System—the constellation of satellites operated by the U.

Etak – Wikipedia

I am forced to recenter which rezooms-in too much in many cases, or I must move the map manually to keep pace. Amazing story, thanks for posting. Stan Honey is third from left in the back row. The idea is that Gmaps tells me 20 or so turns, but I really need to only know a highway exit and a few turns.


Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. By that time it should have been already demilitarized and transmitters were probably a lot less expensive to build. For folks who are “bad at directions” this may help them fix that deficit.

PacCup with Nolan Bushnell.

Who Needs GPS? The Story of Etak’s Car Navigation System | Hacker News

Would like to see an analysis on how the business should or could have been developed. I always have to set whatever GPS I am trying to use to fixed scale no auto-zoom map view with “north is up” before things feel right.

We take this for granted in auto navigation systems today, but the team behind the Navigator invented this display method. Another back burner project is a cute 5 inch portable EEG ECG monitor which has a slow phosphor and of course magnetic deflection.

The team needed a rugged way of storing the map data for the navigation computer to use. I think that frees up more of my attention to focus on other aspects of driving: Some of TomTom’s high-end devices like the TomTom GO have built-in accelerometers and vps, and use “Enhanced Positioning Technology” to perform augmented dead reckoning when GPS signals are not available, like in tunnels and highly built-up areas.