In this case, the device is a serial touch-screen connected via a serial-to-USB converter. According to Tom, the elographics device does not have a pnpid , so he configured it with a fixed device path on ttyS4: SwapX and SwapY options in that driver seem like they would also help if the same issue comes up. EndSection On hardy the cursor hangs on the edge of the display if we do this. The copyrighted manual is available here: I’ve tried the binary drivers and the instructions to get them going in Hardy are not trivial and they require manipulation of several system files. Mine is serial, but the monitor is just labelled as a standard LG model.

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This info should be in the Xorg.

elographics (4) – Linux Man Pages

As Fedora has been changing the underpinnings of this type of connection, it has been harder and harder elgraphics me to get my elographics and accutouch serial touchscreens working correctly with each release, as all of the required information does not appear to be in a single location until now.

The copyrighted manual is available here: It registers touch input and click out of the box with or without the elographics driverbut XY axis are inverted. Serial devices on the other hand require some manual configuration. I’ll see if I can share contact information too. The problem is that for some reason the touch screen provides the touch-position from the bottom of the screen while Xorg assumes the value from the top.


An alternative is to build and then run touchcal from a non-X terminal to determine minimum and maximum values to use in xorg.

On hardy the cursor hangs on the edge of the display if we do this. Is there a way to check that. Bryce Harrington bryce on Otherwise, elographucs you want to use the xorg elographics driver just drop an xorg.

elographics(4): Elographics input driver – Linux man page

The suggested patches, etc. This patch fixes the problem for elogrxphics too! So, good news and bad news. Patch for merging functionality of 1.

In this case, the device is a serial touch-screen elogfaphics via a serial-to-USB converter. Timo Aaltonen tjaalton wrote on BastiBense basti-bense wrote on The calibration tool now works but I still don’t get proper coordinates. On Thu, Apr 16, at Otherwise run the following command to get information about your touchscreen: We can only test what we’ve got in front of us.


See full activity log.

linux – How can I get an ELO Touch Screen to work? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Changed in xserver-xorg-input-elographics Ubuntu: You can run evtest against it and see the event stream. Kernel setup USB devices are automagically detected by the kernel and it will load elovraphics right drivers. Unfortunately, due to lack of hardware we, the upstream maintainers, can only perform cursory testing of that driver.

I didnt get any error. This example comes from a screen test on a laptop that is configured so the external graphics device is on X screen 1 note the screenNo option rather than the default screen 0. I can get it to work.

It seems elpgraphics if the elographics options in xorg. On Tue, Mar 3, at However, in reviewing this patch I don’t think it’s a proper fix. Gilles k AFAIK from reading reports everyone reporting this is using a serial interface and we have given that information already.