If the clip of the cooling fan scrapes across the motherboard, you may cause serious damage to the motherboard or its components. This item lets you install a software power down that is con- trolled by the power button on your system. The following screen appears Figure 1. RAM Triplel-channel mode support. Video controller model Video controller model X. When installing a CPU heatsink and cooling fan make sure that you DO NOT scratch the motherboard or any of the surface- mount resistors with the clip of the cooling fan.

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Thunderbolt on back panel count.

ECS AMDGM-M2 Motherboard Review – Hardware Secrets

Wi-Fi support Wi-Fi support X. This card does not come with the motherboard and it seems that ECS does not manufacture it. If it fails to find a device, change the value to Manual and then manually configure the drive by entering the characteristics of the drive in the items described below.

Locate the CPU cut edge the corner with the pin hold noticeably missing. Cooling system type Cooling system type X. If you change the values incor- rectly, you may introduce fatal errors or recurring instability into your system.


It elimi- nates limitations of the amd690m-m2 Parallel ATA interface. Connecting Case Components Connecting Case Components After you have installed the motherboard into a case, you can begin connecting the motherboard components.

ECS AMD690GM-M2 Motherboard Review

Registered buffered memory support Registered buffered memory support X. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Seven-channel PCI Express mode. After all, why have several different electronics doing what a computer could handle in one small package? Page 65 Press ESC to exit. The following screen appears Figure 1.

Follow the instructions on the screen to install the items. New BIOS provides support for new peripherals, improve- ments in performance, or fixes for known bugs. Attach either cable end to the connector on the motherboard.


Neither this manual, nor any of the material contained herein, may be reproduced without written consent of the author. Chipset model Chipset model X.

About Feedback Send error report. Intel vPro support Intel vPro support X. Checking Jumper Settings Do not over-tighten the screws as this can stress the motherboard.


If so, then this section is not relevant. You should leave the items on this page at their default values unless you are very familiar with the technical specifications of your system hardware. RAM Triplel-channel mode support. Rear panel connectors, notice the two video outputs. Triple-channel PCI Express mode. This item lets you install a software power down that is con- trolled by the power button on your system.

Page 23 Table B: Wi-Fi type Wi-Fi type X. Click Next run the Installation Wizard. So you can easily hook an analog 5.

On the other hand, this motherboard has a TV Out header Amd690gmm2 outputbut the adapter needed does not come with the product. Page 57 Click Next.