You can initiate recovery mode by doing the following steps: If all else fails, then edit ID3 tags so that the track numbers contain a leading zero. Certain files, if not in a format accepted by the player, must first be converted with the Sansa Media Converter Windows software. The top of the device includes a hold switch, a microphone hole, and a headphone jack. The Sansa e series is a portable media player developed by SanDisk , and released on January 5, The center select button can feel jiggly too.

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The e will benefit from aftermarket accessories. Policies and guidelines Contact us. Memory goliath SanDisk continues its assault on the flash-based MP3 player market with the CES launch of the flagship Sansa e series, along with the budget-class Sansa c series.

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SanDisk Sansa e series Specs – CNET

So when you delete the database needed sometimesyou also lose all rating of songs. Don’t show this again. The dial also serves as volume control, and while we snsa dedicated buttons, there’s an easy way to return to the playback screen when in need more on this later.

There are bugs where albums don’t always play in the correct order. While the e still doesn’t match the iPod Nano in design flair and simplicity, it is definitely a premium choice when it comes to a compact flash-based MP3 player, with more features and a better price point than its main competitor. Retrieved from ” https: The sturdy and sharp-looking SanDisk Sansa e measures 3. This is handy, and it keeps you from navigating backward clumsily, as one often does with an iPod.


The main differences in the eR is sanda firmware and bootloader, which are not easily interchangeable with the e Videos are viewed holding the e in landscape orientation.

Also called “Themeing”, these Photoshop artistes create vivid and interesting themes, see Other Links. Version 1 players had a menu dansa under the Settings menu for storage mode that could be toggled to show up as standard USB flash drive. Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, M, is still a good value.

I changed mine from 70 to 30 and it keeps the file about the same size, also you can change the converter from capping it off at 10 minutes, go to split time and change it from goes by seconds so e20 10 minutes to something like 20, and that should do it.

SanDisk Sansa e series mp3 players review: The firmware inside the e series can be modified with H3 Mod to customize menu and user interface of the Sansa.

SanDisk Sansa MP3 Players/e200

This is a good place for adding tips, tricks, bugs and experiences which would help other owners of players in the Sandisk Sansa e series, which consists of:. You’ll notice four screws that can be undone so that users can actually replace the lithium-ion battery sansx voiding the warranty. The player lacks Asian text support when displaying song names and artists, [2] but users can patch the firmware to add support.


Per default, the e series does not provide a feature to simply play a single folder of the player’s directory structure. The dial also glows a wicked blue when activated.

Sansa E200

Continue to next page 01 This will convert images to bitmap format. The firmware can be disassembled with an ARM disassembler, but nothing has been done. All four capacities look and feel the same.

In other languages Add links. The Sansa e series can display album art and display song information, thanks to the audio files’ ID3 content.

The USB port is actually an iPod-like dock connector.

The user-removable sannsa and the Micro SD slot are nice touches, and the device has decent sound quality, processor performance, and battery life.

The top of the device includes a hold switch, a microphone hole, and a headphone jack. If you update the tags on your songs and then transfer the files to the player, the database still shows the old tags.