I find I use the extra buttons quit a bit. They all tend to work without difficulty for me. My laptop keyboard is very small. I never use the extra keys. No extra keys to maps, it’s just an awesome keyboard.

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Not that I like the windows button itself but its pretty useful at times. I deefnder a Logitech Elite and I’ve mapped the buttons that I would tend to use.

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I also painted the front of the dummy keys to hide the “cut, copy, paste, open” junk. I find I use the extra buttons quit a bit. I have the logitech mx keyboard and mouse. HP Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse I picked up at a “cubical sale” – works very well with my “computing on the couch” lifestyle.

It doesn’t even have one of those funny windows buttons between Alt and Ctrl. As a result, I’ve never even tried the special keys on my notebook.

The arrow keys are the proper inverted T. I would have been fine with just a basic wireless keyboard. I dont even have a windows button, it very strange.


Are you thinking about learning it, or do you use it already? This was a replacement for a Awesome creative desktop pro that I spilled scotch all over. The keys stick every now and again, but I just shake it upside down to remove the cat hair and voila, I’m back in business!

How many have have those special keys being used a lot? I have it set up on dvorak already cos you can get faster typing speeds that with qwerty.

I own one of those crappy things. I covet thee inverted T and ks-910n layouts. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic It’s pretty nice, I wouldn’t have paid for it myself, but it was a gift.

Just about everthing was set up and working without further tweeking. I also had one and gave it to a ex-gf as I simply could not get use to it.

.:Мышь и клавиатуры:.

I’m use a simply black keyboard Ke-910b, KSB without a special keys. No extra keys to maps, it’s just an awesome keyboard. I never use the extra keys. No extra keys to maps, it’s just an awesome keyboard Same here, awesome keyboard. Very good product, in fact all Logitech products have high quality, the problem is that I couldn’t find any Linux drivers on their web site. I wish better support was available so that ubutnu could set up the buttons automatically. I have one of those units.


So, until a patch is available, I live with what I have. Most of the buttons on my mouse work, but most of the media buttons on the keyboard are strictly for show.

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Volume down and Up works. Don’t use the function buttons The is the opposite. One of the better ergo keys as well. I think the best way to learn is with a map on the screen defemder than getting a new keyboard. I have a basic black rectangular thingy with no extra functions.