The stand offers tilt and height adjustments which are common on most models in today’s market. What I did notice when watching films is that the BenQ does a good job of picking out detail in low light scenes, while blacks managed to look, well, black rather than grey. Greyscale, colour saturation and grey scale are within an acceptable range. Cyber Monday Office Depot deals: I am a bit fussy about certain settings so I was hoping that there wouldn’t be any noticeable input lag. More info available here about TCO This feature is already found in other large models including Dell’s latest 2xx7WFP range.

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Without it, the image from external devices or non native resolutions from a PC are always stretched and scaled bennq fill the screen, rather than offering options to maintain the aspect ratio or map the pixels 1: Viewing angles are good horizontally with a slight change in contrast and colour hue evident at about 80 degrees.

A Close Look at the BenQ FPW – TFTCentral

Mechanical Display Position Adjustments. Second, the component input is gorgeous. As a very crude example, if a pattern of alternate black and white areas moved from left to right across a screen, our visual system would perceive a grey “ghosting” effect.

214w P-MVA panel technology achieves good results in black depth.

This has been confirmed with user pictures of the screen on Hardforum a US based internet forum showing the new OSD selections along with images of the screen running at the various settings. Greyscale, colour saturation and grey scale are within an acceptable range. If an XBox tries to output i which is x resolution, the screen will stretch the image to fill the screen, meaning the bfnq is stretched vertically somewhat.


This is obviously something that other 24″ models can do, but is certainly useful for those wanting to multi task. The greyscale DisplayMate tests were impressive showing all tones, even the difficult 1 and 2 grey levels. Initial analysis of the screen and early reviews suggest actual responsiveness in real use is good, but bneq may be some motion blur detected in fast moving scenes.

Dell UltraSharp 49 is a big monitor matched by a big price. More info on this as it becomes available. Cyber Monday deals you can still get: Laptops by Lori Grunin Aug 28, New stock after a certain point expected December will have this updated firmware in place.

This interface is capable of carrying both a digital video signal and digital audio, and is a popular 421w for modern multimedia devices.

It has been confirmed in the FPW manual that this option is not available, and also by BenQ support. Picture In Picture PiP: Videos on the pc are perfect quality This is a minor disappointment for me but I’m sure its a deal breaker for some. Security lock bemq cable lock sold separately. Certified for Windows Vista. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 27, The certification offers some certified improvements over TCO 03 displays including more strict grey scale linearity and standards for response time and black levels.


The sheer size of the screen makes this last function a little unusable in real terms, but might be bnq to some users. By inserting a black frame every few frames, the technology helps ‘clean’ the human eye of moving 24w and in real terms, is designed to improve perceived responsiveness.

BenQ FPW – LCD monitor – 24″ Overview – CNET

In summary this means the operation of an LCD screen will be such that pixels only change when they need to, and there is no need to continually re-draw the screens image as is the process on CRT based displays. Tablets by David Katzmaier Nov 26, Likewise for a The OSD now lets you choose between “full”, “aspect” and “1: Cyber Monday Office Depot deals: This achievement can be attributed to the high brightness and good contrast ratio.

I also play some FPS and have been for 6 years. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26,