Hit a button, and the XT will start recording a show. Log in Don’t have an account? Phenomenal multimedia capabilities; connects to standard monitors and a television; works as a TV tuner, DVD player, personal video recorder, editing deck and FM radio with recording abilities ; excellent radio-frequency remote control; decent gaming performance. Why go through the ATI card to do this? Its functionality is much like the TV tuner app that many are already familiar with – you can program station settings, schedule recordings all saved in a high-quality MP3 format and use timeshifting as well, so as to jump back a few minutes in case you missed something. Basically, this is a card for the mainstream video game player who wants good performance from games, but who puts a bigger emphasis on multimedia playback and recording than on running action games at insane resolutions. It’s a huge bundle, and it took about 10 minutes to load it all.

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The only drawback is that it can only record one channel at a time, and can’t record one channel while you’re watching another. This card is a really superbly integrated multimedia powerhouse. I’m not really sold on ATI cards and I consider lossless capturing of VHS tapes to be completely unnecessary overkill, but some inn. The remote looks slicker and has more programmable buttons than its predecessor, along with some button-backlighting and colour-coded keys to make finding often-used ones easier.

That means losing the investment you’re making in the All-In-Wonder’s multimedia features when you upgrade.

I will definitely be going downthe road of capturing tapes as uncompressed video and from what I have read I think I will definitelygo for an ATI all in wonder card. Chances are it will not and the whole system goes down. The All-In-Wonder is and integrated system that works beautifully and installs easily, wonser the average user who craves a solid multimedia afi will do just fine for years with this card.


Regular, [15] Pro [16].

ATI’s All-in-Wonder Pro – ATI All-in-Wonder Pro: Multimedia Refresh

One thing Inoticed about this card is it does not have direct S video connections on theboard meaning you need to use a breakout cable, which I was thinking wouldcause a theoretical loss in quality compared to if going direct to the boardwith good quality S video cable. Even so, it’s not an absolute screamer in terms of graphics performance these days, and it’s not aimed at overclockers either, despite the specially ducted and fan-cooled heatsink and the overclocking-capable Catalyst driver package.

Well, unless you just don’t want the features, but then, if you weren’t interested in all of the card’s extra functionality you probably wouldn’t have read this, would you? This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat The card can capture video from a camcorder, VCR or other source and record it to the hard drive for storage. These dongles are almost always sold separately on sites like eBay; often hard to find, but not impossible.

I didn’t have another compatible ATI card to try this feature with, but it’s something worth further investigation if you have other ATI-equipped PCs and you’re thinking of setting up the XT in a home media server. The main one is gaming. How to record anything on your screen using th Also why do the ATI cables include audio input?

The software bundle is about the same as with the AiW Pro. Personally, I prefer to put my computing money into a high-end video card and a separate add-in card with the multimedia features.

Log in Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe? The card can pump out 3D images at up to 2,by-1, in Hit play when you get back to the couch, and the video will play from where you left off while the show continues to be recorded to the hard drive. Retrieved from ” https: The ancient PC’s on which I used these cards could no longer be upgraded, and with the advent of Vista and PCI-only I could read the writing on the wall: Then the ATI setup wizard guides you through the process of scanning for FM and TV stations, putting in your postal code for program guide information for your area, and downloading the Gemstar guide.



Read apl community guidelines here. In addition to all of the goodies introduced with the All-in-Wonder Pro, the updated version of Multimedia Center now version 8. Similar Threads Graphics cards By hungledink in forum Computer.

The first thing I think you’ll notice here in regards to performance is that with a mere 25MHz increase to the memory there’s a definite performance improvement. Hit a button and you can instantly grab a screenshot from whatever you’re watching and save it as a graphical file or make it your desktop background similar to previous All-In-Wonder editions. Each of the All-in-Wonder Radeon cards is based on a Radeon chipset with extra features incorporated onto the board.

All-in-Wonder Pro Review – IGN

We hope to have this fixed soon. The company’s All-In-Wonder line is aimed squarely at multimedia junkies, and it has features that will make couch potatoes weak in the knees. Last edited by david; 24th Apr at That said, I played a range of demanding games on it, including Battlefield VietnamUnreal Tournament and the phenomenal Far Cryand the games played just fine as long as I didn’t try to run them at extreme resolutions and detail levels.