These are used with many systems, including the Gateway MX laptop and others For some reason it also has another instant of the SATA controller trying to install itself again be aware that sata-control,er is the ati sata-controller that keeps failing. USB, etc , does anyone know how to get the display driver old version and load it on the the hard drive so I can restart the machine and get Vista running. So bad the laptop would not boot and when it did it was even slower. Is there any way to just stop the driver from trying to install block it? Is there any video’s on this subject that you of? Once again, best bet is to “remind me later” so you can at least maintain some system functionality. And just a side note – the first thing I did with my notebook was get rid of Norton.

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Friday, August 24, 9: All downloads available on ati sata-controller website have been scanned by the latest anti-virus software and are guaranteed to be virus and malware-free. Okay so here’s another fix just in case – the fix mentioned above did not work for me so I set about figuring other ways. And again its an ACER aspire Im not sure which pins it should be on anyways if any.


Thursday, September 11, 2: Sunday, October 5, 4: Now, I noticed at the ATI Catalyst update manager cannot isntall the southbridge device driver either. Serial ATA controller sucks Is there any way to just stop the driver from trying to install block it?

Tuesday, September 4, 4: How we can remove the message the system has the satta ati sata-controller for this device? Monday, March 30, 5: I will check out windows device manager tonight to see if any errors are sitting there and take advice from this thread. Update the drivers and reboot. I have the Acer aspire with Windows Vista Premium.

If it doesn’t, I’ll go ahead and uninstall my driver and do it again, this time typing it out as I do it. Can’t find one yet.

Sata hdd wont boot up correctly. Please help.

I captured the information when it was working on Sunday and it listed the driver at that time for satta ATA controller as version 1. Any updates on this issue?

ASPIRE This is retarded, although sataa factory setting on the laptop were laggy and annoying as usual, atleast it worked. Yours may not be exactly the same model, but the installation and jumper info is the same as this It’s very easy wata look that up.

I managed to get the computer to start by sata-controllet a restore point under the advance settings. Three models differ from one another by the flash-memory volume. Sometimes the jumper is there but in a storage position. Wednesday, December 31, Any updates on this issue?



I tried installing the optional update that Microsoft offered me and it crashed my whole system. If I where to download the Southbridge Raid Driver again and install it would it mess up my comp if it was already installed?

Use Question Form such as ” Why? See your mboard manual! I just wanted to use it as a second drive.


The restore points dont work at all, and I have no system restore disk. Windows Vista Hardware https: By the life of me, i cannot understand, that if this has problem has started in beginning ofwhy Microsoft hasn’t bothered finding a solution to the problem.

I went to system restore to try and get it back to the way it was before messing with that program.