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Julie was tall at 5'8", with thick, wavy brown hair that came to her shoulders. Why are you even up this early? It's not like you do anything all day anyway. Might as well sleep in. I had just finished my last year of high school and was spending my summer enjoying life at home while Julie Brother sister panties summer courses at the local community college to finish up some prerequisites.

You should really teach the course," Julie said, then began to eat her cereal. We continued to eat in silence, until Julie finished and got up to get ready for school. I watched admiringly as the real reason I Brother sister panties up so early revealed itself. As Julie bent over to put her bowl in the dishwasher, the oversized shirt that she wore rode up and gave me a wonderful view of her panty-clad ass.

Today she wore a thin, tight pair of pink boyshorts. Such images had plagued me with guilt Brother sister panties high school, but I'd eventually accepted that my sister was simply incredibly hot and now eagerly awaited these glimpses. What had finally broken my defenses was when one morning Julie walked in wearing a tank top and a lacy black thong. The top hadn't even reached the panties, giving me an amazing view of her tight ass as she walked around the kitchen.

Somehow she didn't seem to realize that what she was wearing was wildly Brother sister panties, even if only I would be seeing her.

I guess she just always assumed that, as her brother, I wouldn't think anything of it. On the contrary, since that day I've rarely thought about anybody else but my sister as I masturbate. As soon as Julie had left for her classes I went upstairs for the second part of my morning ritual.

I let myself into Julie's room and fished through her laundry hamper until I found the boyshorts she'd just been wearing. I brought them to my face as I stripped my pants off and inhaled her scent, then wrapped them around my already hard cock, lying Brother sister panties on Julie's bed and began to stroke.

Thoughts of my sister's ass and tits dominated my mind as I masturbated, and soon I was cumming hard into the crotch of her panties, which I then replaced in her hamper with the rest of the pairs I'd soiled this week.

When Julie and our parents returned from school and work we ate dinner together, after Brother sister panties Julie asked if anybody wanted Brother sister panties watch a movie. Both of our parents declined, but I accepted. You find something, I'm just gonna have a shower and then I'll be back down," she said, then headed upstairs. She came back down as I was deciding between two movies, with wet Brother sister panties and her usual pyjamas. Tonight they consisted of a shirt that had probably been overlarge a couple years ago before she shot up four inches, but was Brother sister panties only a bit too big.

A pair of red bikini panties poked out beneath the shirt, which I quickly noted before focusing back on the TV. I nodded, then Brother sister panties the movie to play. She sat down with her back against an arm of the couch I was sitting on, stretching her legs and placing them in my lap.

Brother sister panties movie was pretty mindless, which was good, since I was balancing my concentration between that and keeping down an erection she'd be able to feel for most of it. I had a pretty good view of her her panties from this angle, and I spent a good part of the movie thinking about how I'd be using them tomorrow morning. After it ended we both headed upstairs to go to bed. I managed to stay a couple steps behind Julie, giving me a great view of her butt bouncing as she walked up the steps.

My eyes were Brother sister panties, imagining pulling her panties aside and fucking her over the kitchen table. I'd gotten quite the eyeful this morning to fuel my fantasy. My eyes shot open. Are those my panties? What-" I managed to gasp, and then I came. It was the most intense orgasm of my Brother sister panties up until that point. It must have lasted almost fifteen seconds, which I spent with my mouth hanging open, looking at my sister's face, Brother sister panties huge amounts of cum into the red cloth around my cock.

But I think I should be the one asking that question, don't you? I looked down in shame. We'll Brother sister panties about whatever this is when I get back. I fell back onto her bed, hand leaving my dick, which had remained hard throughout the encounter. Fuck fuck fuck," I thought.

I knew Julie only had one class today, which meant she'd be back in a couple hours. I had no idea what I'd say to her, and what's worse, all I could Brother sister panties of Brother sister panties that moment was masturbating again.

I looked at the panties, which were essentially just one giant cumstain at this point. Not really knowing what to do with them, I threw them back into her hamper.

I decided to take care of my erection first, as so much adrenaline was pumping through me that I could hardly think. When I still wasn't able to cum after twenty minutes, I decided that my situation couldn't get any worse and opened Julie's panty drawer. I fished out a pair of Brother sister panties pink panties I didn't think she'd notice missing,then began Brother sister panties stroke them against my cock.

I didn't cum nearly as much as I had earlier, but it was still a sizeable load, and it shared some of the intensity of before. I hid this pair in a drawer in my Brother sister panties, got dressed, then sat down to wait. After a few minutes of silence, she called for me. Could you come Brother sister panties I glanced at her, then down at the floor.

I couldn't hold her Brother sister panties. I realized she'd fished out all the panties she'd worn this week and laid them out on her bed, even the still damp red ones from Brother sister panties morning. She nodded slightly, seeming to find this explanation reasonable. A while now," I replied. I'm surprised I never noticed. When you were gone I'd hide Brother sister panties bunch of them and wash them all at once when mom and dad were gone, and now I just use the ones you throw in the hamper so they always get washed.

Honestly I was surprised she was keeping the other Brother sister panties, but then again, she'd have to throw out most of her collection to get rid of every pair I'd used. I turned to leave, disappointed that my fun was over, but happy that my parents wouldn't be hearing any reasons to kick me out of the house. Though my sister acted as if nothing had changed, continuing to give me little peeks of her panties every morning, I apparently depended on those panties being there physically to get me off.

After a week Julie noticed. Is it something about I didn't even realize that until this week. I think I will try hers. Thanks for the idea, sis. Good luck with your thing. Thanks," I said as she bent down to put her bowl away. She bent down all the way, Brother sister panties shirt riding up more than usual, giving me a completely unobstructed view of her ass covered in a white thong.

I groaned internally, knowing I wouldn't be able to do anything about the erection straining my shorts. I flicked my eyes up to meet hers. No, of course not, I'm sure mom's will work," I stammered in protest. I glanced up at her. After a Brother sister panties seconds she said "follow Brother sister panties turned around and left the kitchen.

Confused, I got up and walked after her. I followed her up the stairs and into her room, where she walked to her hamper and pulled something out. Two things, I saw as she turned around. A white cotton pair of panties and a blue and white polka-dotted pair. I mean, yeah, of course! Julie held Brother sister panties her hand and I took them from her.

I pulled my shorts down and wrapped the piece of cloth around my cock, sitting down on her bed. I moaned softly at the contact and began to massage my cock. Julie seemed a bit surprised at my eagerness, but didn't say anything as she sat down next to me.

Didn't you say it was weird? Julie blushed and said, "Well, I couldn't get it out of my head, watching you cum in my panties like that. I thought I was disgusted for a bit, but after a while I realized that it had really turned me on somehow.

I actually kept that ruined pair of panties," she admitted, blushing harder. My sister was turned on by watching me cum into her panties. It was a dream come true.

I couldn't believe it. We sat in silence for a while, me stroking and Julie watching, before Julie asked me, "When did you start thinking about me like that? And a tank top. Hottest thing I'd seen in my life. I looked at Julie as she watched my semen stain her panties, spreading as I came a weeks worth of jizz.

Almost as much as last time.

Julie was tall at 5'8", with thick, wavy brown hair that came to her shoulders. Why are you even up that early? It's not resembling you do anything all day anyway. Might as well sleep in. I had just finished my last year of large school and was spending my summer enjoying preoccupation at home while Julie took summer courses at the local community college to finish up some prerequisites.

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