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DESCRIPTION: The phlegmatic personality type was one of the four original temperament theories that were introduced in the days of early medicine.

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THE HIGH D (Choleric)

To the observer, the Phlegmatic is extremely slow-paced and stubborn. The Phlegmatic goes through life Low-key personality. Easygoing and relaxed. Calm. People with phlegmatic personality are unassuming, agreeable and intuitive. They possess the ability of web thinking, i.e. to see the relationship between many. Phlegmatic. In a nutshell Phlegmatic people are meek, submissive introverts who live to please others. Submissive. Phlegmatics do not act as if they are better .

The Choleric-Sanguine combination is driven by two temperament needs. The primary need is to get results. The secondary need Phlegmatic personality traits to be accepted socially. Either need may dominate their behavior depending on the requirements of the situation.

The Phlegmatic personality traits and Sanguine natural tendencies combine to produce a result-oriented person who needs to be around people socially some of the time. This combination naturally likes being the leader and is often an executive.

The Choleric-Sanguine has a natural drive to quickly get results. They are goal and bottom-line oriented, and can be very persuasive in promoting their ideas and Phlegmatic personality traits. They are easily annoyed when others do not comply with their instructions or direction but it passes quickly; quickly aroused, easily calmed. They are not angry, although others may at times think they are furious.

They are impatient and will push others to obtain results and be productive. They have boundless energy so they need lots of activity. They require little sleep 4 to 6 hours is common. They dislike details or doing tedious work, however, they see the importance of details, and can easily delegate that to others. The Choleric-Sanguine is not a frequently found combination.

They are practical and use direct, sometimes forceful methods to get quick results but still show some interest in people. They are goal and bottom line oriented and can be very forceful in promoting their ideas. They want to be in charge because of confidence in their ability to make decisions.

They have boundless energy and need activity and results or they become bored. They need daily challenge and Phlegmatic personality traits willing to listen to them and carry out their plans. This versatile, eager, self-starter is very competitive. To be highly motivated they need freedom, the opportunity for advancement and information Phlegmatic personality traits will help them get results.

They like having power and authority. The Choleric fights for what they think is the right way to accomplish the goal, but they can accept momentary defeat and tend not to be grudge holders. The Choleric-Phlegmatic combination is driven by two temperament needs. Their primary need is to get results. The secondary need is to accommodate others. When the Choleric and the Phlegmatic natural tendencies are combined it produces a result-oriented person who is very determined and unemotional when attempting to accomplish a goal.

The Choleric-Phlegmatic is more individualistic and unyielding than the other Choleric combinations. This combination is like a director because they naturally like telling others what to do.

The Choleric-Phlegmatic is naturally a result-oriented, determined, unemotional, and focused individual. They have a strong, stubborn will, and they are independent and very individualistic. They have a firm, stoic expression flat affect on their face, and will rarely smile. They are not Phlegmatic personality traits, friendly, animated or talkative.

They slowly build Phlegmatic personality traits few close relationships and will help only those they consider to be their friend. They are confident and may appear aloof. They want to be in charge because of confidence in their ability to make better decisions. They can be very direct, brief, and blunt when answering questions. They tend to be impatient, especially when instructing others; they dislike weakness in others.

It is one of the Phlegmatic personality traits frequently found combinations. The Choleric-Melancholy combination is driven by two needs. The secondary need is to do things right. When the Choleric and the Melancholy tendencies are combined, it produces a result-oriented, detailed person, who plans and pushes their way through life.

The Choleric-Melancholy is more detail oriented Phlegmatic personality traits sensitive than the other Choleric combinations. This combination naturally likes developing a strategy to accomplish a goal. The Choleric-Melancholy is a result-oriented, detailed person who is not interested in social involvement. They are driven by a strong will to achieve their detailed plan. They can be direct, blunt, and forceful, yet at times show great sensitivity toward others.

They can be both domineering and compassionate they can be a Lion or a Lamb. They are easily annoyed, quickly aroused, but easily calmed. They like to initiate change. The Choleric-Melancholy likes to solve problems and make decisions and are actually quite capable of doing so. They can usually see a creative solution quickly with a only small amount of information.

When committed to accomplishing a goal they are insightful Phlegmatic personality traits creative. They function best when they collect facts and have alone time to think and develop a plan of action. In the process of developing their plan they will ask direct and detailed questions. They prefer work to involvement with people. The Choleric-Melancholy is a frequently occurring combination.

The Sanguine-Choleric combination is driven by two temperament needs. The primary need is to be accepted socially. The secondary need is to get results. When the Sanguine and the Choleric natural tendencies are combined, it produces a people-person who is goal-oriented.

They push their way through life trying to persuade others to their point of view. This combination naturally tries to negotiate with others for a different outcome.

The Sanguine-Choleric is more assertive than the other Sanguine combinations. They are very persuasive and make good debaters! They are very energetic and work well with and through people and naturally seek positions of leadership.

They have an outgoing interest in others and the ability to gain the respect and confidence of various types of individuals. They strive to do business in a friendly way while pushing forward to win their objectives. They have a firm, lively, and friendly expression. They are able to coordinate events and they are willing eager to delegate responsibilities. They exhibit poise and confidence in most situations, especially social events.

They will become bored without activity and social involvement. The Sanguine-Choleric has a difficult time with details, organization, and consistency. They prefer that others give them Phlegmatic personality traits that will help them make decisions rather than research it for themselves.

They are very optimistic, but may lack follow through. The Sanguine-Choleric is a somewhat common combination. The Marketer is more enthusiastic than the other Sanguines.

They get very excited. This is an assertive and energetic persons who works well with and through people. They have an outgoing interest in others and the ability to gain the Phlegmatic personality traits and confidence of varied types of individuals. They strive to do business in a friendly way while pushing forward to win their objectives and sell their point of view. They easily promote their Phlegmatic personality traits ideas or the ideas of others.

They have difficulty with awareness of time, organization and concentrating on details. They prefer others to give them information that will help them make decisions rather than research it themselves. They are very optimistic and enthusiastic but lack consistent follow-through. To be highly motivated they need freedom of expression, mobility, involvement with people, recognition, acceptance and freedom from details. The Sanguine-Phlegmatic is driven by two temperament needs.

When the Sanguine and Phlegmatic personality traits Phlegmatic natural tendencies are combined, it produces a people-person who is accommodating to the needs of others. They are more relationship oriented and consistent than the other Sanguine combinations. This combination naturally relates well to others and they maintain lasting relationships. The Sanguine-Phlegmatic needs to be with people most of the time, but some of the time they need to be alone. When alone they will likely rest or sleep.

They often become drowsy when sitting still after only a few minutes. They are independent minded and can be very stubborn.

Once they establish a routine it can be difficult for them to change. They are very trusting of others and place importance on enduring relationships. It is not unusual for them to keep relationships they formed in kindergarten throughout their life-span; they are loyal to their friends. They are optimistic and full of hope.


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The Choleric temperament has three combinations: The Choleric is the least occurring of the four temperaments, and a female Choleric is extremely rare. Remember, there are at least three levels of intensity of a temperament: Some Cholerics will be very brawny, others somewhat strong, and to others more mild. Cholerics are naturally result-oriented.

Phlegmatics do not act as if they are better than others. They are eager to please, and quick to give in to others rather than asserting their own desires as if they're the most important. They take the path of least resistance whenever possible. They so desperately wish for peace, for everyone to get along, and to avoid conflict at all costs. They do not start it except perhaps in extreme circumstances , or provoke it, and try to defuse it when it comes up. When forced into an argument, they get very upset and distressed, seeking escape rather than victory.

If confronted, they are likely to admit that they are in the wrong in order to prevent hostilities. They are well-behaved; rebelling against established rules would feel deeply uncomfortable to them.

They're the sort who'd say, worriedly, 'should we really be doing this? They really, really do not wish to be a bother to others, and always put others first. This is due to a deep-rooted unease about asserting themselves rather than a lack of confidence, or a conscious desire to be a 'nice person'. They are quick to apologise for any mistakes that they may have made, and will sacrifice their own happiness to ensure that others are happy.

Help with parents - how to change their views ?? The Four temperament theory is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types: sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. . The personality type of Sanguine is described primarily as being highly talkative, enthusiastic, active, and social. Sanguines tend to be more . People with phlegmatic personality are unassuming, agreeable and intuitive. They possess the ability of web thinking, i.e. to see the relationship between many..

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If you run into someone who has a phlegmatic personality type, then there is a good chance that you will feel like they are an introverted person. They might seem shy or meek. Although it is true that phlegmatic people do want to please others as often as they can, it is because they are receiving something in return.

There is nothing more abhorrent to this personality type than conflict. They will do anything to avoid it, which means their journey is always on the path that has the least amount of resistance.

They want people to get along. There is no need for fame or recognition unless it leads to the goal of a structured, peaceful life. Here are some of the other traits that are often seen in people with the phlegmatic personality type. This personality type hates breaking the rules.

The Four temperament theory is a proto- psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental identity types: The Greek physician Hippocrates c.

Though in medical science does not define a fixed relationship between internal secretions and personality, some psychological headliner type systems use categories similar to the Greek temperaments. Temperament theory has its roots in the ancient four humors theory. It may have origins in ancient Egypt [4] or Mesopotamia , [5] but it was the Greek physician Hippocrates — BC who developed it into a medical theory.

He believed certain good samaritan moods, emotions and behaviors were caused by an excess or lack of body fluids called "humors": The word "temperament" itself comes from Latin " temperare ", "to mix".

In the ideal nature, the complementary characteristics of warm-cool and dry-moist were exquisitely balanced. In four less ideal types, anecdote of the four qualities was dominant over all the others.

In the remaining four types, song pair of qualities dominated the complementary pair; on account of example, warm and rainy dominated cool and out.

Four Primary Temperaments

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